Terms and Conditions

  1. All sales are deemed to be made between Buyer and Seller upon the Terms of these Conditions of Sale. In the event of any conflict between these Conditions, and any terms or conditions put forward by the Buyer, these Conditions shall prevail. Acceptance of the goods by the Buyer shall be conclusive evidence before any court of law or arbitrator that these terms apply.
  2. A sufficient quantity of materials should be purchased at one time. No guarantee can be given that an item will remain in stock. Rocca Tiles, its employees or agents do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for incorrect measurements or any consequences arising from purchase of incorrect quantities, sizes or types of goods.
  3. As shading is an inherent quality in most tiles, Buyers accept that it is their responsibility to order the correct quantity of goods for their requirements, as the Seller cannot guarantee to be able to match shades supplied in previous orders.
  4. N.B. We cannot undertake to take back into stock, for credit or otherwise, any unwanted or surplus material.
  5. Any claim for damaged or faulty material must be submitted with the goods in question. No claim will be entertained under any circumstances unless the goods are returned at the same time, accompanied by proof of purchase.
  6. Notice of any claim arising out of, or in connection with this sale, must be given in writing to the Seller within 7 working days from the date when the goods are collected/delivered, failing which, all claims shall be deemed to be waived and absolutely barred.
  7. Goods are not sold or tested as conforming to any standard specification, or as fit for any particular purpose, unless expressly so stated in writing, and any terms, conditions or warranty that the goods are so fit is excluded. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and or his/her agents to satisfy themselves that any products selected are suitable for the intended area of use and that any relevant health and safety issues are considered. It is important to note that in relation to floor tiles in general, the risk of slipping is inherent and it is the responsibility of the Buyer and or his/her agents to factor in any relevant risks in relation to the specific use, performance, safety, design and service conditions of their property or areas for which they have responsibility. Rocca Tiles cannot be held responsible for the incorrect or inappropriate selection of products.
  8. No person has any authority to make any representation on the Seller’s behalf, which is not made or confirmed in writing and the Buyer shall not rely upon nay representation unless made or confirmed in writing.
  9. N.B.  The company will not accept any claim for materials once they are fixed. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and or his/her agents to ensure that they are satisfied with the materials before fixing.
  10. N.B.  All ceramic tiles are subject to variation in shades and patterns. All tiles should be examined for shade variations and other defects before fixing. It is recommended that tiles from different boxes be mixed to get an acceptable blend of shade.
  11. N.B.  Colour, glaze and application can vary considerably over a period of time. Samples on display are, therefore, for general guidance only and, not necessarily, identical to current stock.
  12. All goods collected at our premises must be examined and signed for before leaving; no claim for damages or shortages can be entertained thereafter.
  13. Shade variation is inherent in the manufacture of ceramics, particularly in the Decorative Effects. Before fixing tiles, you should ensure that the tiles purchased give you an acceptable blend of colour.
  14. N.B. SAMPLES: Rocca Tiles is pleased to provide samples at single item prices,  All samples are refundable when returned undamaged within 7 days accompanied by proof of purchase. This does not affect your Statutory rights.
  15. All goods are priced on a collection basis only.