Aqua Tanking Kit


  • Price per Kit.
  • Water Based
  • Interior & Exterior use.
  • Wall & Floor.
  • Ideal for Showers & Bathrooms.
  • Colour:  Light Grey
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Aqua Tanking Kit,  is an advanced sealing system designed to give a waterproof coating for the protection of water sensitive backgrounds such as plaster and plasterboard.  Ideal for waterproofing substrates in bathrooms, showers and saunas, before laying ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. Complete kit including components needed to develop total water-resistance under positive thrust, guaranteeing the protection of absorbent substrates in damp, or constantly humid environments.  Aqua Tanking Paste is flexible and will accommodate light movement and/or vibration which may be expected under normal conditions of use. Contents:  4kg Aqua Tanking Paste, 1 litre Aqua Pro-Tile Primer, 5lm Aqua Self Adhesive Tape plus Paint Brush / Roller and Gloves.

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