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Oxford Canus

per sq. yard

Tartan Grey

Certified R-11 Anti-Slip Porcelain Floor Tile.  Grey tile with white speckles.  Ideal in commercial areas or for domestic situations where slip-resistance is a concern.  This is an extremely durable tile and is also suitable for exterior applications.  Can be used on staircases in conjunction with its own matching bull-nosed step tile.

Bateig Mosaic-2.3x2.3cm

A mixture of grey/beige Bateig stone and brushed aluminium pieces.  Highly decorative mosaics that will enhance and embellish any space.  Can be used on its own or with other mosaics.  Available in 2.3x2.3cm on sheets of 30x30cm approx.

Negro Honed

A design classic, natural black marble with white veins.  Honed finish.  Eternally in style and suitable for any area.  It is reinforced with porcelain which makes it extra strong, yet thin enough to use on walls or floors where thickness is a problem.

Crema Marfil Mosaic Brick-1.5x4.8cm

Crema Marfil marble mosaic. Natural marble for long lasting beauty.  Available in various sizes including 4.8x4.8cm; 2.5x2.5cm and 1.5x4.8cm on sheets of 30x30cm approx.  Can be used on its own or to embellish other tiles.  Suitable for walls and floors in any application.

Platea Marfil

Glossy, light cream, ceramic wall tile with a brush-stroke texture.  Matching mosaics and floor tiles available. 

Sublime White

A glossy finish gives this tile an elegant look. Subtle grey veins on a white background reminiscent of the finest Carrara marble.  Suitable for use on walls and floors.

Direction Grey

Multi-coloured, stone-effect porcelain wall tile.  Suitable for use on any walls.  Popular as a feature wall or on stove surrounds.

Platea Blanco

Glossy, white, ceramic wall tile with a brush-stroke texture.  Matching mosaics and floor tiles available.

Haya Porcelain

Wood-effect porcelain floor tile.


Glossy, grey, large-format, ceramic, marble-effect wall tile.  It is frequently beautifully veined or clouded with creams and toning greys.  This tile is virtually indiscernible from natural marble.  Matching floor tiles and relief décors also available.

Taupe Porcelain

Wood-effect porcelain floor tile.

Global Melanz

As part of the Enjoy collection, this matt-finish, mauve/pink, porcelain, floor tile can be combined with the Enjoy range wall tiles.  Offers an alternative in flooring for those seeking colour. 

Roble Porcelain

Wood-effect porcelain floor tiles.