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Do you sell tiles?

Yes, yes we do. Believe it or not, this question has been asked on a number of occasions!

Where are you located?

We are located on the Tuam Road in Galway just opposite Supermacs on the corner.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Rocca Tiles offers a nationwide delivery service.  We deliver each order carefully wrapped on pallets.  Every order is checked twice before it leaves our warehouse.  All pallets are dropped and left at ground level.  The driver will not physically move or carry this product.  We guarantee delivery within 7 days of purchase.

How can I pay?

We accept all forms of payment, including, cash, card, cheque (subject to a clearance period), bank draft, P.O. and bank transfer.  We also accept card payment over the phone.

Do you take deposits?

All purchases processed by Rocca Tiles are done in one transaction and that is why we do not take deposits.  This is to regulate stocks and batches.

Do you have all tiles that are on display in stock?

Generally, every tile that we have on display in our showroom is in stock and available for collection or delivery from our warehouse.  However, from time to time, we may not have the quantity that you require or we may be waiting for it to be produced by the factory.  In such instances, waiting times will apply but we always strive to advise our customers of this and to give realistic waiting periods.

What types of tiles do you sell?

We sell all types of tiles including, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone/marble.  We also have a wide range of mosaics and anti-slip tiles in stock and we even stock wood-effect floor tiles.

Are some tiles better than others?

People always ask this question and the answer is relative to the area that is being tiled.  At Rocca Tiles, we only stock top-quality tiles and never stock ‘seconds’.  Also, we ensure that upon every original purchase, each customer can be assured that they receive tiles from the same batch with the same shading and calibration. 

Is Porcelain better than Ceramic?

Porcelain is actually a form of ceramic but made from a much finer, denser ceramic clay.  Due to its higher density and being fired at higher temperatures, porcelain is much more resistant to wear, scratches and frost than regular ceramic tiles.  Porcelain is also more resistant to moisture than ordinary ceramic tiles.  Up until relatively recently, it was almost all ordinary ceramic tiles that were on the market.  Nowadays, it is generally just on walls or low-traffic floor areas (such as bathrooms) that regular ceramic tiles are used.

Can I use wall tiles on a floor?

Wall tiles are only suitable for use on walls. However, floor tiles can be used on walls or floors.

Are all floor tiles Non-Slip?

Non-Slip is a misnomer when it comes to tiles.  No tile can be guaranteed to be slip-proof.  In Ireland and the U.K. we tend to use German R-Ratings, which are ramp-tested ratings, to rate the slip resistance of tiles.  R-Ratings range from R-9 to R-13, the higher the rating, the more slip-resistant the tile.  There are is no building regulation (at the moment) for slip-resistance, only guidelines, and anti-slip tiles do not have to be used in any given area but are definitely recommended for disabled-access bathrooms and public areas.

Essentially, any floor tile may be used on any floor.  However, wherever floor tiles are used, the onus falls on the specifier/consumer to choose an appropriate finish in terms of  performance and design.  There is also a duty of care to provide solutions to potential problem areas where function has to take precedence over form and safety issues override cost.  Commercially, it is necessary to conform to specifications laid out by the relevant body.  Domestically, it is up to the consumer to make up your own mind based on practical  information and your needs and wants.  Obviously, a polished porcelain or gloss glazed ceramic and porcelain tile is more slippery than natural finish porcelain or a matt glazed ceramic or porcelain tile.

In a nutshell, the main point to consider is that ALL floor surfaces are slippery when wet.  Rocca Tiles offers no slip-resistant guarantee, express or implied, for floor tiles in any given area and can only advice on guidelines.  Please ensure that any floor tiles that you purchase conform to your needs.

Can I tile onto Plywood?

Without exception, Rocca Tiles does not recommend tiling onto plywood, whether or not it is for use on walls or floors.  Plywood expands and contracts.  It can also buckle in damp environments (i.e. bathrooms).  Tiles cannot shrink, expand or buckle and thus will crack and shear away from the adhesive bed causing unnecessary hassle if the plywood substrate fails.  Concrete, Cement board or waterproof plasterboard are the best options for use when tiling.

Return Policy

In order to regulate stock shades and batches, Rocca Tiles does not accept any surplus material back into stock.  Please ensure that your requirements are correct at time of purchase.  If you find our product defective, you must promptly notify the relevant sales person in Rocca Tiles in order to receive a full credit of the purchase price.  Any liability shall be limited to the return of the purchase price of the product that has not been installed or otherwise used. Once the product is installed it may not be returned under any circumstances.  It is important that you understand that once the product is installed you are accepting the product without recourse.  No returns or cancellations allowed on discontinued or special order items. Please be sure that you definitely want or need these products before purchasing as we do not refund for 'a change of mind'.

All tile adhesive and grout must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in cool, dry conditions and protected from excessive draughts.  If stored correctly and used within the expiry date, the activity of the reducing agent will be maintained.  Extreme temperatures and high humidity will lead to a reduced shelf-life.  We can guarantee that any adhesive and grout product purchased from us has been stored in optimum conditions.  Thus to preserve that guarantee, we are unable to accept returns on these products.  Also, it is recommended to purchase adhesive and grout when needed and not too far in advance of the job being undertaken.

Your statutory rights are not affected by any of the above.

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